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littleBits CloudBit Starter Kit Modular Electronics Kit - 5 Bits - 1x USB Power - 1x Button - 1x Sound Trigger - 1x Long LED - 1x Servo - 1x Mounting Board - 1x Cloud Bit

SKU#: AB57981
littleBits - Power Module - Allows you to connect a 9V battery (battery and cable sold seperately) to provide power to your creation

SKU#: AB57996
littleBits - Threshold Module

SKU#: AB61114
littleBits - Pro Library - The Pro Library is the ultimate collection for collaboration and invention in a group setting. It can accommodate up to 32 inventors with 304 Bits, making it ideal for project-based learning and teamwork as well as intuitive electronics prototyping.

SKU#: AB82476
littleBits - DC Motor

SKU#: AB57994
littleBits - MP3 Player - The mp3 Player allows you to play your very own mp3 files using littleBits. Sending a signal to the mp3 player can make it work as a media player, sampler, or looper. Just load the mp3 files you want onto the provided SD card and you'll have music and sound effects in your…

SKU#: AB82473
littleBits - Cloudbit Module - The cloudBit is the easiest way to create internet-connected devices. You can now snap the internet to anything! Retrofit your thermostat to control it remotely, or set up a sound-triggered alarm system that texts you alerts--the possibilities are endless. No…

SKU#: AB82459
littleBits - Gizmos & Gadgets Kit - The ultimate invention toolbox. Motors, wheels, lights, switches, servos, buzzers, even the tools to build a remote control snap it all together to spark creativity and fun - Kit comes with 15 electronic building blocks, a detailed instruction handbook, and all…

SKU#: AB82463
littleBits - Rule Your Room Kit - Transform any boring old object into an awesome, interactive inventions

SKU#: AB93602
littleBits Synth Kit Collaboration with KORG - Educational Electronics - 12 Bits - 1x Power - 1x Random - 1x Micro Sequencer - 1x Filter - 1x Mix - 1x Synth Speaker - 2x Oscillators - 1x Keyboard - 1x Envelope - 1x Delay - 1x Split

SKU#: AB57979
littleBits - STEAM Student Set - Sets you up for 16+ hours of STEM/STEAM teaching with 8 engaging challenges, and additional companion lessons - Engage students in problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration through invention-based learning

SKU#: AB82485
littleBits - Makey Makey module - The module connects to a computer through a micro USB cable and has three MaKey MaKey inputs which are mapped to left arrow, right arrow, and space bar/mouse click. Each one of these key inputs can be controlled by littleBits modules like motion triggers or light…

SKU#: AB82469
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