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Environmental Monitor

ATEN EC1000 NRGence Energy Box over IP - Environment Monitoring via Opt Sensors

SKU#: AB50870
APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 Environmental Monitoring Appliance - Input Power: 2400W - Number of Power Cords: 1 - Netbotz Wired/Wireless Sensors: Up to 42/47 - Camera Pods: Up to 6 (Rack Sensor Pod 150) - External Sensors: Up to 6x Sensor Pods including Door Contact, Dry Contact, Humidity, Smoke,…

SKU#: AC28945
Eaton EMPDT1H1C2 Environmental Monitor Probe Gen 2 - Environmental Monitoring Device - Compatible with the Network-M2 and Eaton rack PDUs including G3 (firmware 4.x or later), G3HD and G3+ - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC26613
PowerShield PSEMD Environmental Monitoring Device - Connects to PSSNMPV4 - Monitors Temperature and Humidity - Offers two additional Dry Contact Inputs for sensors such as Smoke Detectors and Tamper Switches - PSEMD - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC40338
EATON Powerware Environmental Monitoring Probe for ConnectUPS E/BD/X/MS.

SKU#: AB57825
Eaton EMP001 Environmental Monitoring Probe - Compatible with 10/100Mb ConnectUPS-X, ConnectUPS-BD and ConnectUPS-E with FW V3.01 and higher - Dimensions: 57.6 x 37.6 x 29.3 (mm) - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC26611
APC Network Management Card 2 with Environmental Monitoring - Remote management adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX (AP9631)

SKU#: AA48451
…Switching - 10/100Mbit Interface - Supports 2 Level Account/Password Security - PDU and Outlet Level Power Metering and Monitoring - Supports External Environmental Monitors - Remote Power Outlet Control - Supports Multiple Power Control Methods - Power-on Sequencing - Proactive Overload Protection…

SKU#: AB81704
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