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Epson Bulb

Epson ELPLP95 Replacement Projector Lamp - to suit: EB-2055, EB-2155W, EB-2165W, EB-2245U, EB-2250U, EB-2265U - V13H010L95

SKU#: AC25447
Epson - ELPL65 - Projector Lamp - Suitable for Epson EB-1760W, Epson EB-1770W, Epson EB-1775W, Epson EB-1750, Epson EB-1776W, Epson EB-1771W, Epson EB-1761W, Epson EB-1751 - 230W - Lamp Life 4000 Hours - 12 Months Warranty

SKU#: AC13156
Epson ELPLP96 Lamp for EB-S41/X41/W42/U42/S140/X140/W140/U140/EH-TW5600 - Suits : Epson EB-S140, Epson EB-X140, Epson EB-W140, Epson EB-U140, Epson EB-S41, Epson EB-X41, Epson EB-W42, Epson EB-U42, EH-TW5600, EB-970, EB-980W, EB-990U, EB-2247U - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC26591
Epson - ELPLP67 - Replacement Projector Lamp - Suitable for Epson EB-W12, Epson EB-S12, Epson EB-W110, Epson EB-W02, Epson EB-X02, Epson EB-S110, Epson EB-X14, Epson EB-X11, Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD, Epson EH-TW480, Epson EB-W16SK, Epson EH-TW550, Epson EB-X15 - Lamp Hours 4000 hours - 200 watts -…

SKU#: AC13160
Epson - ELPLP71 - Replacement Projector Lamp - Suitable for Epson EB-485Wi, Epson EB-475Wi, Epson EB-475Wie, Epson EB-485W, Epson EB-485We, Epson EB-475W, Epson EB-475We, Epson EB-470, MeetingMate EB-1410Wi, Epson MeetingMate EB-1400Wi, Epson EB-480, Epson EB-480e - V13H010L71 - lamp hours 3000 -…

SKU#: AC13161
Epson - ELPLP80 - Replacement Projector Lamp - pson EB-595Wi, Epson EB-585Wi, Epson EB-585W, Epson EB-585We, Epson EB-580, Epson EB-580e, MeetingMate EB-1420Wi, MeetingMate EB-1430Wi - Lamp Hours 4000 hrs - 245 watts - V13H010L80 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC13165
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Epson - ELPLP77 - Replacement Projector Lamp - Suitable for Epson EB-4750W, Epson EB-4950WU, Epson EB-4955WU, Epson EB-1985WU, Epson EB-1980WU, Epson EB-1975W, Epson EB-1970W, Epson EB-4770W - Lamp Hours 4000 hrs - 280 watts - V13H010L77 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC13168
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