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Goliathus Extended Chroma

Razer Goliathus Chroma Soft Gaming Mouse Pad - Extended - 16.8 million customizable colour options - Optimized for all mouse and sensors - 294 mm X 920 mm X 3 mm - 2.1 m cable length USB - RZ02-02500300-R3M1 - 12 Months Warranty

SKU#: AC15017
Razer Goliathus Chroma Soft Extended Gaming Mouse Pad - Quartz Edition - Powered by Razer Chroma - Designed for Speed/Control Playstyles - Non-Slip Rubber Base - Dimensions: 294 x 920 x 3mm - Weight: 560g - Cable Length: 2.1m - RZ02-02500316-R3M1 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC23971
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