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littleBits - Branch - The Branch Bit gives you more options for connecting your Bits: it lets you connect the output of a single Bit to as many as three others, oriented in different directions. Use it when you want to trigger light, sound and motion at the same time.

SKU#: AB82455
littleBits - Buzzer - The buzzer Bit is just what it sounds like: it makes a noise that you just can't ignore. It buzzes whenever it gets an ON signal. Try using it to make your own doorbell or alarm! Check out our Tips + Tricks for more ideas on using the buzzer.

SKU#: AB82458
littleBits - Roller Switch - The roller switch is a handy Bit -- it has a little lever with a wheel, and activates when something moves past it. You can also flip the mode switch to make it turn off when the lever is pushed in.

SKU#: AB82480
littleBits - Sound Trigger - The sound trigger features an electret microphone that triggers a 5V output when the set threshold is reached. The output of the module will remain high for 3 seconds. If the input signal is high, the module functionality is enabled. If the input signal is low, the…

SKU#: AB82484
littleBits - P3 USB Power Module - USB Cable included

SKU#: AB61103
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