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Hdmi Signal Booster

StarTech HDMI Booster - HDMI Extender - HDMI signal Amplifier - 4K60 - HDBOOST4K - 2 Years Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC12443
StarTech HDMI Signal Booster - HDMI Signal Amplifier - 115 ft - 1080p - Increase the strength of your HDMI signal to extend your video source up to 115 ft. over standard HDMI cable

SKU#: AB86457
HDMI extender transmits two separate HDMI sources to two remote displays over one CAT6 cable - HDMI extender kit works as an HDMI signal booster to extend dual HDMI over ethernet up to 295 ft. (90m) - 1080p over CAT5 / 1080p over CAT6 / HDMI over CAT5 extender / HDMI booster / HDMI over CAT6 / HDMI

SKU#: AC23901
…or CAT6 cable - Sleek professional installation with optional mounting hardware included with the 4K HDMI extender over CAT6 - HDMI extender over CAT6 / 4K HDMI over CAT6 / HDMI extender over CAT5 / 4K HDMI over CAT5 / 4K HDMI over Ethernet / HDMI signal booster / HDMI repeater / Video extender

SKU#: AC23900
StarTech 15m High Speed HDMI Cable M/M - 4K @30Hz - High Speed HDMI Cable M/M - 4K @ 30Hz - No Signal Booster Required - 50 ft. - Supports Ultra HD Resolutions up to 3840x2160 (4K x 2K) - Provides connection distances up to 50 feet away - Guaranteed reliability with our lifetime warranty

SKU#: AB93800
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