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Lapel Microphone

Digitech USB-C Lapel Microphone - 2m Cable - Windsock Cover - Compatible with Android and Windows - 12 Months limited Warranty

SKU#: AC37487
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Digitech Portable Wireless UHF Lapel Microphone System

SKU#: AC37499
RODE Link Filmmaker Wireless Microphone Kit - Includes: 1x Lavalier Lapel Mic, 1x RX-CAM Camera Mounted Wireless Reciever, 1x TX-BELT Beltpack Wireless Reciever, 1x Captive TRS Cable - Polar PatternOmni-directional - Frequency Range: 20Hz20kHz - Transmission: 2.4GHz Fixed Frequency Agile System -…

SKU#: AC27527
Model#:Filmmaker Kit
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