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Rj45 Crimp

8P8C CAT6A Fully Shielded Modular Crimp Plug for 22AWG~23AWG Wire (Solid / Stranded) Pack of 10

SKU#: AB89502
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Astrotek Metal 3-In-1 4/6/8 Pin Modular Crimping Tool for Modular Cables (RJ11/RJ12/RJ45) - 1 Year Warranty - ATP-tool-CT-(4/6/8)

SKU#: AB57354
4P/6P/8P Modular Crimp Tool with Network / PoE Tester - Test UTP and STP Cable - Pin to Pin Indication - Integrated Stripper and Cutter - Detachable Cable Tester - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AB81356
8P8C CAT6A Fully Shielded Modular Crimp Plug With Grey Strain Relief for 22~23AWG Pack of 50

SKU#: AB89501
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