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Synology Disk Tray

Suitable for DS214, DS412+, DS214play, DS414

SKU#: AB55886
Model#:Type D7
Synology Type R4 3.5"/2.5" HDD Tray - Applied Models: RS3412xs, DS3612xs, RS3412RPxs

SKU#: AB79293
Model#:DISK TRAY (Type R4)
Synology DISK TRAY (Type D5) 3.5"/2.5" HDD Tray - Applied Models: DS713+, DS1512+, DS712+, DS1812+, DX513

SKU#: AC02160
Model#:DISK TRAY (Type D5)
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Synology Spare Disk Tray - Type D1 - Applicable Models: DS420j, DS418j, DS416j, DS414j, DS413j, DS411+II, DS411+, DS411, DS411j, DS410, DS410j, DS409+, DS409 - DISKTRAY(TYPED1) - 2 Years Limited Warranty

SKU#: AB64185
Model#:Disk Tray (Type D1)
Synology Disk Tray (Type D6) - For DS1513+, DS1813+, DX513V2, DS214+, DS1515+, DS1815+, DS2015xs, DS3615xs, DX1215

SKU#: AB81371
Model#:DISK TRAY (Type D6)
Synology Disk Tray (Type R6) 3.5"/2.5" HDD Tray - Applied Models: RS814, RS815, RX415, RS816, RS814RP+, RS814+, RS815RP+, RS214, RS217, RS815+

SKU#: AC02156
Model#:Disk Tray (Type R6)
Synology Disk Tray (Type D8) 3.5"/2.5" HDD Tray (18 Series) - Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.8cm x 11.8cm x 17.2cm - Compatible Models: DS918+, DS418, DS418play - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC26583
Model#:DISK TRAY (Type D8)
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