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Tai Hao Miami

Tai-Hao MX Switch Type Doubleshot PBT 104-Key ANSI Keycap Set - Miami - 104-Key - 2-Tone - MX Switch Type - Doubleshot - Material: PBT - Includes plastic key puller - C02BU201 - 12 Months Limited Warranty - Keyboard not included (Only comes with Keycaps)

SKU#: AC08026
Tai-Hao MX Switch Type Doubleshot PBT Backlit 116-Key Keycap Set - Miami Lights - Two-Tone Layout - Doubleshot PBT Backlit - Compatible with MX Cherry MX Switches - Includes Plastic / Stainless Steel Key Puller - 104 Keys + 12 Spare Keycaps (4x R0 1U Blanks, 4x R4 1U Blanks, 1x Stepped Caps Lock…

SKU#: AC26432
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Tai-Hao MX-Switch Type Doubleshot PBT 104-Key Keycap Set - Baby Miami - Doubleshot PBT - 104 Keys - Plastic Key Puller Included - Keyboard Not Included - C02BP201 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

SKU#: AC22264
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