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Thumb Screws

…Coolers - Corsair Coolers H50, H55, H75, H80i v2 (H80i GT), H90, H100i v2 (H100i GTX), H105, H110i GTX, H115i - Contents: 4x Stand offs, 4x Thumb screws, 1x Retention bracket - CW-8960046 - 2 Years Limited Warranty - FREE : Coupon code: "AC02979" can be used to claim a free Corsair AM4 Bracket…

SKU#: AC02979
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…Nickel - CPU socket compatibility: Intel LGA1200 - Enclosed: Water block, Controller, M4 PVC Washers (4 pcs), Screw (4 pcs), Coiled Spring (4 pcs), Backplate (1 pcs), Sticker (1 pcs), Thumb Nut (4 pcs), Thermal Grease (1 pcs), EK-Cable 5-Pin Motherboard (F) to Micro-USB (M) (1pcs) - 3831109827086 -…

SKU#: AC40126
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